A philosophy of prosperity

Prosperity is about so much more than wealth – it means something different to each and every person, and it’s something we believe everyone deserves to experience.

We work with you to define your vision for a better, brighter future. Whether your idea of prosperity is material, community, lifestyle, family or vocationally based, we help you to define and achieve this. With a considered and strategic financial plan, we provide you certainty for the future you’ve imagined.

Demèter Wealth is a profit-for-purpose business that not only helps you live a better, brighter future, but also supports disadvantaged people, animal welfare and conservation through financial contributions to Demèter Legacy Fund.

After all the costs involved in bringing you, our clients, great services and products are taken care of, every cent left is donated to the Demeter Legacy foundation to fund life changing community projects. 

See the impact that your conscious purchasing power achieves by visiting the Demeter Legacy Foundation.

We envisage an society that uses business as a force for good. This business economy is comprised of a new type of company which is purpose driven and creates benefits for all, community, employees and suppliers, not just shareholders. 

As businesses and leaders of this emerging economy, we believe that we must: 

Be the change we seek in the world…that all business be conducted as if people, animals and the earth matters. That through our services, products, practices and profits, businesses can aspire to do no harm and benefit all.

To do so, requires we act with the understanding that we are each dependent upon another and thus responsible for each other and future generations. 

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What we value

What we do for our clients transcends financial security – it offers the freedom, certainty and peace of mind to spend more time on what matters. By guiding clients through their financial journeys, we value these real changes and legacies we help create. We are passionate and committed to creating this positive impact on the future of our clients, our team and our community.

Sharing this success and giving back to those in need is a rewarding and fundamental part of our philosophy. Demèter has a strong focus on socially responsible and philanthropic giving. By contributing both financially and with team personal time to a number of charities, Demèter’s goal is to provide funding through the Demèter Legacy Fund to chosen organisations, to better our community.

Demèter Legacy Fund

Our Team

We are a knowledgeable, experienced and compassionate team of individuals who share similar corporate, community and personal values.